35th International Kite Fliers Meeting Fanø 2019

22 Jun

Some more photos from day 2 of the 35th International Kite Fliers meet at Fanø, Denmark. It was another beautiful day although the wind was a little light in the morning and in the afternoon it freshened to a reasonable breeze. Again there was a myriad of different kites in the sky. The highlight of the day was meeting up with Tony & Maureen Jetland with their amazing Rolf Zimmerman dragon Kites. He even brought one of the dragons down for a photo shoot with me 😁. If you want to see more of the Rolf Zimmerman dragons Tony will be at Portsmouth Kite Festival in August along with some other dragon owners and they are hoping to have 11 in the sky😁.You can find more photos in our website gallery.

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