Ipswich High School Fun Day

23 Jun

Ipswich High School ( Wolverstone ) Fun Day 22nd June 2019

This was a new event and location for the EAKF, the theme for the day was Mary Poppins and as a song from the film was “ Go Fly a Kite “ we were asked if we would like to attend and as it sounded like fun we said yes, as well as flying kites we would also be running a kite workshop.

Even though the day’s activities were only going to run from midday till 3pm as well as ourselves there was a large variety of things to see and do, we arrived at 10am giving plenty of time to get set up, the grounds of the School were very picturesque with a number of large trees, thankfully the wind was from the best direction, an easterly coming up from the River Orwell, unfortunately the wind strength in the morning was very fickle and changed direction with monotonous regularity meaning even our most reliable kites had to be relaunched over and over again.

Thankfully by about 12.30 the wind had settled down and we were able to get up a good variety of kites, we would have liked to fly some of our bigger items but as we were wary that the wind could die on us again as it had all morning and with the number of folk about we thought it was safer to fly stick kites and small lifter’s, that proved to be a good decision as the sky was rapidly filling up with kites made in the workshop, Lyn, Margaret and Mike were having a busy time with a steady stream of children wanting to make a kite, 27 were made in 3 hours ! it was great seeing them running around with their new masterpieces, the most popular kite we had up was the kite arch with a lot of selfies being taken in the short time it was flying, a number of people came up and asked questions and said how great the kites looked.

At the end of the day as we drank the last of our of our tea and coffee we all agreed it had been a great day and hoped that one day in the future if kites matched the theme for the day we may be asked to attend again.


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