Club Flying Day – Frinton-on-Sea, 12th May 2019

14 May

Our first club flying day of the year. From the forecast it looked like we would have good sunny weather but light winds and that we might struggle to get some kites in the sky. However when we arrived there was was a reasonable NE onshore breeze of about 7 -8 mph which freshened to at good 10- 12 mph by lunch time. It meant that we could get loads of kites in the sky and then leave them and enjoy the display. Frinton is always a great place to fly if there is a good onshore breeze as there is always a good ground wind and we could put out our newly acquired kite arches which made a lovely tunnel of kites. Later on in the afternoon our friend Ellis came to see the kites and we put up his favourite kite the Purple Octopus. Certainly a great days flying and let’s hope for some more to come.

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