Club Flying Day – Frinton-on-Sea, 17th July 2019

9 Jul

We had a very enjoyable club meet on the Greensward at Frinton-on-sea last Sunday, with a good turn out of club members. The weather was good and we arrived with a north easterly light wind which unfortunately kept dying on us but by lunch time it has picked up to a steady 9-10mph wind which eventually turned to an onshore Easterly.

There were several flow forms, deltas and 3 kite arches up so the sky was filling up with colour.Colin had his 81 lifter up with Mark’s silver Alien, his cute Teddy bear and some Spikey balls as line laundry. I initially had my 81 with my orange and yellow Cat which looks like it has trod in some Ribenna which I swapped later for the large purple Octopus.

However I wasn’t happy about how the Octopus was flying so we decided to investigate and adjust the bridling. Well how many fliers does it take to adjust a bridle, in the end there was Pete, Peter, Colin, Roger and myself. Pete suggested that we check the internal bridling which was a good thing as we discovered that one of the internal bridles had come adrift. The only problem was that to access this we had to undo the zip. Unfortunately the zipper seemed to be missing, opps. Never mind we opened the zip any way, re-attached the bridle and ended up temporarily sewing the zip back up with some thin cord and a darning needle. With each member chipping in we tweaked the top and main bridles and between us we did manage to get it flying much better!

Unfortunately the wind moved around to a westerly and I was concerned that the tails of the Octopus might get caught in the trees so this was changed to a green and yellow seahorse.

During the afternoon Steve a drone flier turned up and took some aerial footage of our kites He is hoping to let us have some photos and video for our website.

By late afternoon there was a good steady wind which had freshened slightly which is always a shame just as you have to leave. But all in all it was another great club flying day.

You can see some more photos of the day on our website gallery page.

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