Palgrave Village Fete 30th June 2019

1 Jul

The last time we were at this Village Fete was about 3 years ago so we were pleased when we were asked if we would like to attend again as this is a lovely event and is well supported by the people from the Village, as well as flying some of our kites we would also be doing a kite workshop run by Lyn, Margaret and Mike.

The area we had to fly in is the size of a small football pitch with a wind Turbine in one corner, the Turbine acts as a good indicator of the wind speed and direction, soon after we had arrived and made ourselves comfortable we noticed that the Turbine was one moment spinning with gusto and then barely turning at all and it would also be pointing in the opposite direction and it continued to do so all afternoon.

First up was my Sled 36 that was lifting Barney the Bear and the Rainbow Wheel, I put it up as high as I dared to try and get some clean wind, one chap came up and said he could see it from his house over two miles away, even having it that high didn’t really help as it slewed around and kept coming down, Roger was trying to fly his Flow Tails and Boras but he found that flying kites today was like trying to heard cats as every time he turned his back they either got tangled or fell out of the sky, Pete wasn’t having any better luck with his small Trilobite, He then tried his Hula Girl which flew better although he had to hand fly it to keep it airborne and I tried the same with a small Rok, Pete also flew his kite Train but it soon went back in the bag as it got tangled up in the other kites.

A few kites that had been made in the workshop were making their way outside as we wondered what to try and fly next, Pete wanted to fly something big for the folk sitting out enjoying the sun, so we decided to take down all the kites we had up so Pete could launch the Sled 81, although it was swinging around in a wide arc at least it was staying up so he attached a Large Octopus but that wasn’t happy in the wind so he swapped it for Larry the Lobster who flew much better and drew a lot of comments from folk that came to take pictures and ask questions.

When we heard the Raffle being drawn we knew the Fete was coming to and end so we started to pack things away, although we had not been able to fly more kites the locals said what we had managed to fly looked good and had made a nice backdrop to the Fete.


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