Stoke-by-Nayland Spring Fair 30th May 2016

1 Jun

Stoke-by-Nayland19Well when we arrived on the site it was overcast with a slight hint of some drizzle in the air and a very strong northerly wind. The vicar reckoned that the weather would improve and although it was supposed to be a Spring Fair the weather made it feel more like an Autumn Fair.

With the strong 17mph wind gusting to 25mph we weren’t sure what we would be able to fly in the strong wind. After getting the kite workshop shelter up we soon had a couple of small lifter kites in the air. We could soon see just how strong and gusty the wind was with the lifter kites veering from one side of the field to the other. Pete and I tried the aliens and an octopus but the veering strong gusts caused these to roll about all over the place and several times we had to untangled the aliens from the lines. In the end Pete took the octopus down and replaced it with a sea themed display of small inflatables which seem to cope better with the gusty conditions. Two of the aliens were removed and replaced by a giant turbine which again coped better with the strong gusts. Graeme’s spiky ball worked well and was greatly enjoyed by the kids. He like me got out a large turbine and with the two on the field it certainly made a good show.


Sadly due to the weather there didn’t seem to be that many people at the event which was a shame and the kite workshop was unfortunately quiet, but we had a reasonable amount of youngsters for the sweet drop, which under the gusty conditions went very well. In the last hour although the wind was still strong the gusts seem to be less and Graeme managed to fly his large purple octopus. Considering the conditions we managed to put on a good display, this was certainly echoed by several people who came up to me as I walked around the village afterwards, saying how much they had enjoyed the kite display. We hope despite the weather and lack of public that the village managed to raise lots of money for the church funds.


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