Martin Corrie Memorial Fly – 20th October 2019

21 Oct

It was a good decision to postpone this event as the weather on Sunday 29th September was awful. The forecast for this Sunday looked much better, however when we arrived first thing it was overcast and there little wind. We were soon joined by Gareth, Peter, and Simon from the Kent Kite Flyers and even with the little wind we started to get some kites in the sky. We were all surprised how well Peter’s Manta Ray flew in such light winds. By midday the sun had started to come out and the wind had increased so we were able to get more kites in the sky.

We joined by Martin’s two daughters Anna and Amy with their respective families and It was lovely to see Anna’s daughter Olivia enjoying flying her own kite. Martin would have been so proud! Hopefully next year Amy’s daughter Florence might be old enough to fly her own kite! As ever Lyn put on a lovely lunch spread including her famous yummy Bread pudding cake. The afternoon was spent flying more kites and enjoying a lot of kite talk. Many thanks to all the Kent Kite Flyers who came such a distance to remember Martin.  All in all it was a lovely enjoyable day and a lovely way to remember our dear friend Martin.

You can find more photos from the day on our website gallery.

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