EAKF Club Flying Day, Frinton-on-sea – Sunday 14th May

15 May

Well, the weather forecast the previous day didn’t look promising with little wind for most of Sunday. When we arrived at the Greensward at Frinton-on-sea, it was very overcast with a bit of a sea fret and absolutely zero wind. After several attempts by Colin to get a kite in the sky we rather thought we would be having a bit of a catch-up natter and then abandoning the day at midday. Jonny checked the Met Office forecast and they were saying a 10mph southerly just after midday. Would the forecasters be right as over the last few days they had got it totally wrong. Well, the Met Office were right this time as just after midday Jonny managed to get his 12m pilot up in the air and the breeze seemed to be strengthening. With a good 10 -12mph wind there was a scramble to get anchors in the ground and kites in the air and then the sun came out. Within an hour or so we had a great display of kites in the air much to the delight of ourselves and the general public that were passing by. It was great to meet up with our kiting friends and to have a very successful fly. There are some photos from the day on our photo gallery.

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